T-bills: Federal government to pay investors N847.43 million in Q1 2020


The Federal Government is scheduled to pay N847.43m to investors in the first quarter of 2020 as treasury bills mature.

The Central Bank of Nigeria, in a recent circular, said of the N847.43m total treasury bills, N86.62m had 91-day tenors, N163.04m had 182-day tenors and N597.77m had 364-day tenors.

The circular read in part, “Treasury bills worth N52m will mature in January (N18m 91-day bills and N34m 182-day bills) while N529.92m Treasury bills will mature in February (N43.87m 91-day bills, N80.28m 182-day bills and N405.77m 364-day bills.

“Another N265.5m worth of Treasury bills will mature in March with N24.75m, N48.75m and N192m spread across the 91-day, 182-day and 364-day tenors.”

The CBN also planned to issue N847.44m worth of treasury bills in the first quarter of 2020.

It stated that N75.62m worth of Treasury bills with 91-day tenors would be issued while the 182-day tenor would see N141.04m worth of Treasury bills issued.

It added that the N630.77m worth of Treasury bills with 364-day tenor would be issued.

The circular gave the breakdown of the issuances with 91-day tenors to include N7m in January, N43.87m in February and N24.75m in March.

On the 182-day tenored bills, it said N12m would be offered in January, N80.28m in February and N48.75m in March.

The CBN said it would offer for subscription on the 364-tenor N33m in January, N405.77m in February and N192m in March.

Also to note that the amounts scheduled for subscription offer might change at short notice.