Rwanda Military Hospital officially Opens the Cancer Centre


To mark World Cancer Day this year, Rwanda Military Hospital as officially launched the first Rwanda Cancer Center, the most advanced of its kind in East Africa.

The launch date also coincides with the official launch of the first National Cancer Control Plan, the National Cancer Registry and the National Cancer Management guidelines, three key milestones for the success of the cancer center.


While officially inaugurating the center, President Kagame highlighted the benefits of bringing medical services within the reach of every Rwandan. “This facility is a landmark in medical services in Rwanda. Now, many more Rwandans will be able to get the care they need with their families close by.”

The Center started offering services in march 2019 and to date, a total of 350 patients have been treated. At full capacity, it can treat up to 200 patients per day. Currently, the center is treating about 50 patients per day, on average. It only offers outpatient services (radiation) at the moment but further diagnostic and inpatient services will be gradually added. More than 57 % of the treated patients were covered by “ Mutuelle de Santé”  while others were either privately funded or foreigners.