UBA Bank Tanzania Integrates to join Government Electronic Payment System


UBA Bank Tanzania customers can now make payments to over 600 government agencies, thanks to the lender’s integration into the Government e-Payment Gateway (GePG).


The system allows the bank’s customers to make tax and non-tax payments required by the government.


In a statement by the bank, it said; “It has always been our aspiration to support government initiatives of which efficient means of revenue collection through the unique digital expertise of the bank is a key component.


Speaking, UBA head of public sector, Mr Dominick Timothy said; “We are glad and grateful to TRA (Tanzania Revenue Authority) and the ministry of Finance for offering us this opportunity of serving the nation.”

The GePG was adopted in 2016 in a deliberate move by the government to improve revenue collections across its institutions, ministries, departments and agencies.

The initiative has effectively plugged revenue leakages that used to cause a massive loss of the government’s revenues, the statement reveals.