FG introduces the New Face “E-yellow Card and scraps old card


The Federal Government has introduced the electronic yellow card for intending travelers out of the Country. This will takeoff the old card and it is to be effective come 1st of April. Before now the old card was giving rooms to tout displays and fake issuance of the cards with a bribe of N2500 other than the official fee of N1000.

“The vaccines through an inoculum as to be carried on against yellow fever, as it is compulsory for international travellers to prevent risk countries like Nigeria to some countries, and the ‘yellow card’ is evidence the carrier is vaccinated against the deadly disease.

The yellow card is the international certificate of vaccination or prophylaxis. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, to obtain an e-yellow card, one has to register on the official website in addition to also paying the sum of N2000

Furthermore, he added “The payment receipt will then be taken along with the applicant’s international passport to any port health services office to get vaccinated so as to complete the process”.

It takes maximum of an hour for the card to be ready after vaccination, the ministry said and that international travellers are to be vaccinated at least 10 days before travelling.

The official expiry date of the old yellow card is dated August 1, 2018 and commencement of issuance of E-yellow card. The card which is machine-readable, and has the ability to store vaccination history of the holder, was designed to put an end to the era of fake yellow card issued by unauthorised personnel for years and undue bribery, he said.

“The card has increasingly become an essential travel document, with several embassies making it a prerequisite for visa application”, this initiative is to avoid continuous rules bending, he said.