Tunisia Minister of Industry Denies Disclosure of Washable Face Masks Production


Minister of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises Salah Ben Youssef denied the disclosure of the standards for the production of washable cloth face masks for some industrialists, before the development of a specification and its posting on the ministry’s website.


Speaking to reporters during a field visit to some industrial companies in Ben Arous, Ben Youssef stressed that the Health Ministry had recently inquired about the means available to produce 30 million washable face masks using local raw materials and in accordance with specific standards.


It was agreed to set up a committee comprising experts from the Textile Technical Centre (CETTEX), representatives of industrial companies specialising in the production of these masks, as well as representatives of the Industry and Health Departments to design a model meeting the required technical standards, he added.


“Following feedback in this regard, the minister indicated that the committee has completed developing the specifications which were immediately posted on the official websites of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry.”


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